Our company has been in service for over 6 years. We are always looking for ways to make it easier on our service members and first responders. For that reason, we set out to improve the way challenge coins are ordered. No longer do you have to try to put your thoughts into words for our art team to decipher. We wanted a better experience, an easier experience, and a way for our customers to collaborate their ideas. This is why we decided to make a website that allows the user to build a custom challenge coin or unit patch instantly with our Design Studio.

We pride ourselves on being a Veteran Owned Company that knows what it means to serve our great country. Being around challenge coins and embroidered patches for 20 years gave us valuable insight of what our customers and fellow service members needed to better help them develop a custom design that encompasses all they are trying to achieve.


Who We Are

We are Veteran owned! We have a few different websites that offer Military products.


Here are some helpful facts about our company and products.

We offer Free Shipping on Our Challenge Coins.

We will ship to your unit, House, office, APO, FPO, Fire House, or Police Station. Where ever your custom order is going we will make sure it will get there.

How long does it take to make your products?

On average it will take about 30 days after receiving payment for our team to make your unit patch or custom challenge coin.

Free Artwork.

Have you seen our Design Labs? We have put so much artwork and templates for you to be able to build and create the most perfect challenge coin or unit patch. If you still need help developing your custom coin or patch, our customer service team will be right there to help you.

No minimum Quantity.

With our custom made challenge coins, we are one of the only companies that do not have a minimum amount to purchase. With that said, please keep in mind that the more you order the better the price. A lot of factors go into the cost of a coin like coin color, 2-D versus 3-D, The mold fee, and the amount of colors you use on your coin.

Customer Service Support.

Just because we developed a website that puts the designing in your hands does not mean that we will be hands off. If you need help with your project just reach out and we will be happy to help you.

How long do we keep the coin mold?

We will keep your challenge mold for 3 years so that when you are ready to re-order your coins, we will not charge you the mold fee again. Keep in mind that you have to re-order within the 3 years of your initial order.